Monday, September 14, 2009


 I do have a tendancy to get very stuck in my ways, i have been inking pictures using the same brushes and ink for the last.....*cough* years, i've sniffed at felt tip pens and other such new fangled devices, prefering the feel, control and most importantly the LOOK of a proper brush and ink line.

So...why has this new gadget won me over? Well, it's a best of both worlds scenario. It's a Pentel GFKP Japan brush pen, and by brush I mean BRUSH. The nib is a brush made of individual nylon fibes, the ink which is very black and waterproof comes in cartridges which you load into the pen much like a fountain pen. It's not the cheapest gadget in the world (i got mine on ebay for about £9 with 4 refills) but i'm really impressed with the brush nib. Its great for details and thick dramatic strokes (see picture!) and it doesnt look like it'll lose its point and definition in a hurry if I treat it well. 

Apparently this pen is already a hit with people who write traditional chinese and japanese lettering, infact i've seen it advertised as a 'kanji' pen. I can see why. It is apparently also popular with comic book & in particular manga inkers (no it's not just tracing you Kevin Smith fans out there). As always we in the UK are a little bit slower to catch on to Japanese gadgets but i definitely recommend giving this a try, i'm glad i bought it and i'm looking forward to playing with it more! You dont get quite the same thickness and blackness of ink as you would with a brush dipped in indian ink but it's the closest equivalent that I've seen and much easier and cleaner to get to grips with! 
x Charlotte
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