About Me

I am an artist and crafter, specialising in retro and pin up inspired illustrations. Based in Nottingham in the heart of England, I began illustrating full time in 2005 and ran my own vintage illustration business until I was asked to join Serif in 2011. I am now the Senior Illustrator at at Serif and my team, Siobhan Sands and Becks Miller, create digital crafting kits exclusively for CraftArtist. I can sometimes be seen presenting these on the Create&Craft shopping channel!

I also speak regularly at local art colleges and host events including art workshops and the Nottingham branch of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School which I co-host with my dear friend, burlesque artiste Scarlett Daggers.  

I married my art school sweet-heart David in 2010 and we now own a 1960's house in an old mining village which we share with our 17 year old cat Dylan.  In my spare time I love nothing more than baking, going to burlesque shows and hunting for vintage bargains in charity shops and antiques fairs to add to my collection of 1950s and 60s home decor. I also collect vintage fashion, snowglobes from around the world and like to upcyle old furniture.  

A few little things about me…
  • I mostly create artwork in watercolours, gouache, pencil and Indian ink.
  • My favourite subject matters are people and faces, in particular capturing the unique character of a person.
  • My most well known clients have been Wonderbra, Tesco, Scarlet Magazine, Love My Dress wedding blog, What Katie Did Lingerie and Eternal Spirits Corsetry.
  • I have exhibited art in New York City, Chicago, New York State, New Jersey, Glastonbury, Nottingham and London.
  • Every year I go back to my old art college and teach the new students a little bit about how to ‘make it’ as professional artist.
  • I am very interested in ethics in art, craft and life, it is an ongoing mission of mine to make my life as eco friendly and ethical as possible.
  • I'm a massive Trekkie, love comic books and I also like playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  • I spent a year and a half working as a part time Gallery Coordinator, organising and curating exhibitions in Nottingham city centre.
Favourite things:
Food: Peanut butter Books: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   Authors: Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne Du Maurier    Artists: Bruce Timm , Frida Kahlo, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola.   Activities: yoga, cooking and baking and nature walks    Movie Directors: Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson
The Four Tops, ELO, Goldfrapp, No Doubt, Madness. TV:  Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory. 
Life mottos:  “What would Spock Do?”      “Don’t dream it, Be it”
Everything can be improved with the addition of a pineapple.

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