Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Gorgeous Gifts to Buy!

As you may have already heard there are two brand new Tote Bags now up for grabs on the 'Gift' Page of this very website. Both feature brand new, unique designs and have been lovingly screenprinted for me by a local Nottingham company.

I had a lot of fun coming up with the designs for the bags. I knew all along that i wanted to make a Robin Hood bag. I had so much fun creating the branding for Dr Sketchy Nottingham, and wanted to make a bag that we can sell at the events but that also stands alone as celabration of a National and my Local hero...or in this case HEROINE! With the film coming out soon, what better time to sport a 'Steal From the Rich' tote bag?

We made a few amendments to the Dr Sketchy Robin Hood, we took away her pencil (sorry!) and gave her a standard (but very very deadly) bow and arrow and gave her a little medieval tattoo inspired banner with the slogan 'Steal from the Rich' (not that we in any way condone stealing from anyone, rich or poor!).

'Man's Ruin' ius a 100% brand new design, created exclusively for the Tote Bags. With 24 hours to come up with a design I simply made something I knew I would love to wear! I'm a big collector of Hawaiian-alia, we have a bathroom crammed with tikis, hula girls, hibiscus, mini palm trees and bamboo encrusted tat! So it seemed to make perfect sense to cram all of this onto a bag design. You'll also note this is not your most innocent Hula Girl, she seems to have some homicidal, if not cannibalistic tendancies! Make note of the various sailor skulls and the skull of Jack Sparrow in the foreground. Hers is one desert island you may want to avoid!

The bags are a good size for shopping and fit an A4 folder perfectly (great for school work or portfolios I discovered this week!) They also have decent lenght straps and fit nicely over one shoulder. Very chic!

Big thanks to David Morley and Matt Vickerstaff who helped hugely and gave advice on the designs. (The pineapple on 'Mans Ruin' was entirely Matt's idea!)

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