Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Charlotte on the BBC!

Yesterday I was interviewed for BBC Radio Nottingham by Frances Finn. Its part of a series called Design Heros, talking to designers from Nottingham about what makes Nottingham design great. The previous week they interviewed Sir Paul Smith! Tough act to follow!

I'm now up on their website with a little feature, come check it out! I'm very proud of it!

Some of the questions they asked were really funny, i think the hardest one was about the Sky Mirror, i do love that big old sculpture and the myths about it setting fire to pigeons, but Robin Hood had to be chosen above it, its too iconic not to be and I do love a bit of myth and legend! Plus our Dr Sketchy logo is based on it so it had to be picked!

Two they didnt ask me but gave me in their list to prepare for were 'What is your favourite design in Nottingham' and 'What do you think should never have been designed in Nottingham'. I know one guy picked the 'wonky N' new Nottingham logo. I really think theyre impossible questions, they encompass every aspect of art and design (form graphic branding to architecture and art) so it's impossible to choose either way!

One thing i may have said was my favourite is 'slab square' (the new Old Market Square) since it means Nottingham can claim to have built the biggest, most expensive patio ever which we could potentially have 100 BBQs on simultaneously! Thats what I love about this town, theres a lot of absurdity and eccentricity, even the naff stuff has it's a certain statue to a footballing great who shall remain unnamed! And where would we be without anything to grumble about anyway!

x Charlotte

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