Monday, July 6, 2009

Tea, Cakes, Art & Burlesque

Yesterday I painted 5 little 'fashion silhouettes' as were calling them, at Debbie Bryans Studio and Shop (18 St Marys Gate, Lace Market, Nottingham). What a lovely day we had! The paintings are all tiny, painted directly onto the wall with watercolour and pencil outlines. They're all 40s and 50s style ladies wearing some of Debbies products, scarves and brooches. We're going to be running a competition soon to name them with December Delicate Treats tickets up for grabs as prizes.

My observation of the week has been that no matter how modern we may seem, we still have a very British obsession with tea and cakes! We served both yesterday to guests who came along for a nosey and to show their support, in china tea cups and on floral cake plates, all of which went down a storm (bad pun not intended).

Spending a lot of my time 'hanging out' with my burlesque buddies, there is no doubt a vision that backstage or after a burlesque event its all 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' .....hmmmm far from it. Though i cant speak for everyone and I must admit the sailor jerry and coke gets a fairly good thrashing from time to time, there definitely seems to be a tendancy (and maybe it is just us UK ladies?) for a nice cup of tea and a slice of victoria sponge, or the ever faithful fact, it's almost compulsory before an event or the following day, and absolutely compulsory during any important meetings.

We've just got our latest sponsor on board for Dr Sketchy Nottingham, Susie from Dotty's Cafe , a lady whose very speciality is tea and cupcakes all served in authentic 50s surroundings, with vintage tea sets, tables chairs, ornaments and dressers. Its a real treat, and even better as all her cakes are vegan and food vegetarian so noone misses out. Her veggie salads, quiches and sarnies are darn good too I'd happily go veggie if Susie cooked for me every day!
She does catering for events too, get your wedding booked in fast!

Well, i've now given myself a massive craving for cake, i must go and raid the cupboards!
x Charlotte

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