Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Somerset Sirens in Stockings - now over

I'm back from my exhibition Sirens in Stockings with Nancy Farmer at Gallery Eight in Glastonbury. Had a great time and did really well at the exhibition. Two originals sold, around 50 cards and 10 A4 prints. (approx).

Met some great new people including - a dominatrix film maker, a video activist, a highly motivated young art student, a tattooist and an ex-Nottingham rockabilly girl (with very good taste in handbags). Fun was had!

Bought lots of rubbish while i was down there, new weapons for my arsenal of useless trinkets include a HUGE metal heart shaped cake stand with hand hammered floral pattern (bought for business purposes of course, we have a lot of events where much cake is served), a 1930s sewing box, a silver cherry shaped pendant and a soap that smells of parma violets, technically a present for Dave since i lost the box of fudge i bought him (genuinely lost, not eaten-lost, honest!).

Anyway its nice to be back in Nottingham, back to normality, Glastonbury has a chilled out vibe which is nice, i think I'm a bit too used to Nottingham and it's hyperactive tendancies, my MTV attention span requires more pop culture stimulation, theres only so many incense sticks and crystals a girl can buy (unless theyre diamonds of course)

Big thanks to Nancy for putting me up and Laura and Mum for helping out and taking time off work to carry paintings for me.

Busy busy this week catching up on work, last August was dead for business, this one is insanely busy. Saturday marks one whole year of me and Dave living together so celebrations are planned, i'm surprised he wants to celebrate one whole year of me annoying him and making a mess in cohabitation.

Thats my update for the week, lots of big Danse Macabre things to announce next week (hopefully!) and Dr Sketchy things too...hopefully!

x Charlotte

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