Sunday, August 2, 2009

A girls Office is her ......

I'm currently recovering from the excitement of all the amazing back to school stationary at Staples. A simple trip to purchase some graphic drawing pens for my trip to London on wednesday (more about that after Weds!) nearly turned into a frenzy of stationary buying when i discovered all the awesome stuff they have. They actually have a pick & mix thing (Like ex-Wollworths) full of binder clips, paper clips, pin board pins etc etc in assorted bright colours and patterns. I was in stationary geek heaven!

This abated when the little voice of the tax man whispered in my ear 'paper clips in the shape of guitars are not a business essential'


I'm sure stationary wasn't this cool when i was at school. I'm now going to sulk for a week and desperately try to think of a way to justify buying a pack of gel pens that smell like different fruit on my business account ;o) Anybody want to commission a fruity smelling portrait?

x Charlotte

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