Friday, August 7, 2009

Brushing up my skills....

I've been doing a lot of brushing up and learning new skills this week, its been a hectic time.
I signed up to Fran Tristram and Rod Baileys 'Faces Feet and Hands' course, they have a studio in Lady Bay (up the road from me) and run lovely art courses. So i've spent every morning this week in their beautiful garden and studio refining my drawing skills and experimenting with paint and pottery.

Anyway, they say your subconscious influences your work so the more i create, the more worried I get. Evidently my 'regular' work leans towards the erotic at times, but when creating a perfectly innocent clay dish inspired by knuckles on your hand I was suddenly confronted by the fact I have made a dish of dicks. Complete filth! It is now sat on a shelf in Frans pottery room, waiting to be fired, shamefully begging to have lewd comments made about it. I hope noone asks who made it.

I'm currently debating whether to give it to Mum as a christmas present or whether to serve nibbles in it at parties.

On Weds i spent the day in London with Rikki Marr from The Shop and Alex Godwin working for a company called Happen and another Company called Gettin Hectic. What we were actually doing was illustrating at a consumer market research event for Tesco (though it was a bit more creative than that). It was our jobs to take visual notes of what people were discussing, putting ideas into pictures. Its probably the first time in about 15 years that I've used felt tip pens in my artwork, but it was lots of fun! Thanks to Rikki for inviting us to take part! I'm really hoping that Tesco develop their 'smell o vision' online shopping that Rikki illustrated as soon as humanly this space.

Also keep an eye on the What Katie Did website, i've been designing lots of goodies for them this week which will be revealed soon. If youre not already on their mailing list ...sort it out!!

x Charlotte

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