Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Round up!

So a new year is beginning, and for me it’s going to be a big one in so many ways!
It’s always good to have a little look back on the year just past though so time to recap great things that happened in 2009?

In no particular order

Danse Macabre Nottingham happened….after battle after battle and rather too much blood sweat and tears later!

Pit of Curiosities happened….an off the cuff idea turned into an event that 900 people turned up to! More blood sweat and tears and feet that felt like they had pins and needles for 2 days! Remind me why (and how!) we’re doing it again in Feb 2010?

Dr Sketchy Nottingham took flight! With my new comrade in arms Scarlett Daggers we brought sexy life drawing to Nottingham and another city to the Dr Sketchy family!

I worked with some amazing people, new friends and new colleagues bringing new ideas and experiences to the table, we couldn’t have achieved these things on our own!

I worked with some amazing companies/people that I’ve had my eye on for years, it’s been an honour to be chosen to create work for you guys.

Meeting lots of new businesses – its always an honour to make your business look just how you want it so you can launch with pride! I’ve had so much fun making logos and stationary this year!

Meeting lots of new ladies and making pretty pictures for you! My particular favourites have been the ‘surprises’, my only wish is that I could’ve been there to see your faces when you received them!

Seeing my work in print – Bizarre magazine, hell yes! Bags, Calendars and Tshirts at What Katie Did, Interview with Bubblegum Slut Mag, Promo/posters flyers galore, giant canvas prints. I’m always very excited to see my work printed onto something!

Settling into a new flat and new office and generally enjoying domestic bliss, eating cake and having someone to watch star trek with.

Maddest experience - illustrating for Tesco, spending the day at the Microsoft office in London and watching the slideshows being run from a Mac (HAHA!) Then seeing one of the ideas we illustrated on an advert narrated by Dawn French. AWESOME!

So what is to come next year?

The Thomson-Morley wedding in September! Rubber stamps, MORE Dr Sketchy, Pit of Curiosities 2, the Danse Macabre world tour, more burlesque adventures, a new member of my team, new artwork collections and other things I cant think of at the moment!

Ambitions/Plans? – to work hard for bigger and more exciting things like tshirts, greetings cards etc so there will be lots of nice things in the shops for you all to buy next Crimbo! To get about more, hoping to head to a few more cities with my work this year, or at least plan which ones I’ll be heading to in 2011! To make time for important things like planning a wedding! To stay focused and not get distracted by shiny things!

Happy New Year Everyone!
X Charlotte

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