Monday, February 1, 2010

Curiosities and Computer woes

Last week saw the demise of my Macbook pro, 7 days out of its 2 ye warranty, not my best investment and certainly not Apples finest hour! There may still be some little hope for it, but i somehow doubt it will regain consciousness (and before you ask, yes i have tried everything bar one last ray of hope, i wont get techie!).

Anyway, luckily i have been backing things up regularly so havent lost anything too massive and important, though i will have to spend some time putting all the jazz CDs i bought recently back onto my iTunes so we have something to listen to at Dr Sketchy next week!

So what have I been up to other than destroying technology? - Well I've been a busy bee, hence the lack of updates here. I'm currently working on lots of personal portrait projects, far more than before Christmas surpisingly enough! I'm also working on branding for a wonderful bridal blog and some old friends and new friends from the Burlesque world.

We have two Dr Sketchys this February, one mini event and one grand full scale event - check the website for tickets and details

Pit of Curiosities is on Friday 12th of Feb. Our second POC event has the theme 'From Another World" - we promise it will be a mixture of Jules Verne meets Captain Kirk meets Mad Max! Post Apocolyptic Steampunk shiney Kitsch madness! Tickets are £3 on the door at the Pit and Pendulum and we have taken extreme measures to make sure you can get to the bar easier this year!

In other news we now have our honeymoon booked, we're going to Mexico! We managed to get a £600 discount on a 5 star hotel for 2 weeks and plan to tour the historic/archeological sites of the Yucat√°n Peninsula and do a bit of snorkelling and possibly scuba diving. VERY exciting, though not looking forward to spending 10 hours each way on a plane. Flying from East Midlands to Cancun so it wont be too stressful theoretically!

Anyway thats my big news, hope you can make it to a few of our events over the next month!

x Charlotte

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