Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Website updates

You will notice in the next few weeks some changes creeping into my website, this may in fact be the first one you notice as it is my plan to make the blog my main homepage to i keep the website constantly fresh and up to date no matter where I am in the world!

Another change is my branding, although not changing in terms of colour scheme I will be bringing in a clearer 'logo' in the form of the sketchy artists palette picture which has already crept onto the blog. This will feature on my new, and possibly most frivolous business cards to date! Not satisfied with having the most giant, large print business cards in the world (A7) I will now have heart shaped business cards which will fit in absolutely nobodies wallet or (if you're stuck in the 80s like me) Filofax! Hurrah! Artists are notoriously practical.

There will be a number of other small changes, most noticeably to the shop. A larger emphasis will be put on the portfolio aspect of the website with a view to kick starting a few projects I am already setting in motion for 2010. This includes creating more of my fine art work and supplying it to more 'real life' galleries, this means less fine art will be for sale direct through the website but does mean you might catch a glimpse of it on your local high street!

I will also be adding a testimonials page and getting rid of a lot of older artwork from the site to make it truer to the work I am producing now, in particular pieces from the mythical and gothic galleries as this is work I get less and less call for.

In other news Dr Sketchys Nottingham went swimmingly last Saturday, one of our best to date and so many new faces! We hope you all enjoyed it and cant wait to present our April 20th Saints and Sinners Sketchy event.

I've also been in talks with Matt of Darkwave Art this week over the development of the Danse Macabre Design Agency - watch this space but it looks be be exciting! Matt and I will be at Tattoo Jam this year, we have just booked our slot to display (and hopefully sell) our wares! I'll be promoting tattoo designs and of course, my boudoir and pin up portraiture! There's nothing I like more than drawing tattooed ladies!

I should have some more big news to announce next week, fingers crossed!

x Charlotte

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