Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

I'm back in my studio after a few days R & R, feeling refreshed and inspired! As we had to cancel plans to spend a few days in Plymouth we decided instead to take the new (...well, new to us!) Ka on a few daytrips in and around Nottinghamshire.

So, we sped down to Southwell, checked out some rather handsome gargoyles at the Minster, ate sweets from ye olde style sweete shoppe, drank tea in ye olde tea room and called in at the Work House (and joined the National Trust...Johnny Depp on the cover of their magazine was definitely a selling point). We now have a rather cool car sticker that just screams 'young and trendy'.

On wednesday we wandered up to the castle, took in the Robin Hood film prop exhibition, I'm now itching to see the film! We also took in their current exhibition which I believe Dave didn't find too offensive (from the man who thinks the wallpaper in galleries is usually the best bit)

After all that culture we ALSO went to the Djanogly gallery at the Lakeside on Friday and went to see Dara O'Briains stand up comedy show on Thursday and The Swing Commanders western swing band on sunday and I have to mention the Russian delicacies we had cooked up for us on Saturday night by our friend Alexie. I've eaten rather too well this last week!

After all that I might need another week off but the good news is I have lots of new work up my sleeves including Tote bags. You heard it here first!

There'll be a new 'Muses' blog by the end of the week and don't forget it's Dr Sketchy thus Saturday, it's going to be Sinfully good!

Look forward to revealing new work soon!

x Charlotte

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