Monday, March 14, 2011

What Katie Did Cotton Shopper Bags

What Katie Did, specialists in Faux Vintage Lingerie, Hosiery and Swimwear, have brought out a brand new cotton shopping bag featuring artwork by yours truly for the last three seasons. The new one is now available in their shop and features a lovely little Hawaiian pin up girl sporting an item from their swimwear range.

Here's a little insight into how the design came into fruition. Firstly I created a digital sketch for the design and then, since there weren't any massive changes to make she was rendered digitally ready to be sent off to the screen-printers. Although she's digital I retain my hand-drawn look by rendering all the lines by hand using a wacom tablet rather than using vector curve graphics.

In this case the image was not vectored at all but if a vector file is required then I usually vector trace my original hand drawn lines at a very high resolution, creating a vector file but retaining all the hand drawn lumps and bumps and personality of the original drawing, whether that be hand drawn pen & ink or Wacom drawn digital.  Although some people prefer than cleaner vectored style I personally I feel this technique better retains my style of drawing and the personality I intended for the pin up girl. I'm a 'hands on' artist at the end of the day.

(initial digital sketch)

(final digital line work - ready for the screen-printers!)

As I mentioned, there have been two previous cotton shopper designs, so here they are!
Product/Pin Up Photography by Tony Nylons

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