Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrating all things British!

British fever struck NYC recently when my lovely client Annabel, the brains and beauty behind Love My Dress Blog, took flight to the Big Apple to take part in the Bridal Market Week.

As you can see from the photos of her stand the artwork I've created for her over the past year featured heavily and the Union Jack was well represented! The stand really captures a true sense of nostalgia and classic Brit style. It's not that long ago that the union jack had become synonymous with extreme right wing politics, thank goodness we've finally reclaimed it and can show it with pride!

It's a great time to be proud of our British Heritage, shops are full of Royal Wedding memorabilia and amongst the kitsch there are some lovely high-street offerings from the likes of Kath Kidston. My house will definitely be sporting some 'Will & Kate' bunting, of the tackiest variety (no doubt much to husbands' dismay!)

For those of you with a few mins to spare, here is a website/blog I stumbled upon a few weeks ago which makes for a good bit of humourous reading. www.anglotopia.net a website created by Americans who love Britain! Some great observations on British peculiarities ...and American peculiarities for that matter, a good giggle!

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