Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Red Anchor Emporium

I always love seeing the results when I create a design that is going to be taken away to be printed or woven or created into something a little bit different. A few weeks back I blogged about the rubber stamp design that Ellie from Red Anchor Emporium had made for her vintage inspired handmade accessories business, based on the logo I designed for her.

This morning she sent me this lovely photo of her brand new woven fabric label design which will be sewn into all her designs. The level of detail they can weave into these labels always amazes me!
 The Anchor picture and the 'Red Anchor' tattoo inspired text were all illustrated by me and then vectored for clean lines and maximum versatility when transferring into products like this one!


angry things said...

Thats lovely! I'll be working with you soon look forward to meeting you! :) Siobhan x

Charlotte Thomson Art said...

Hi Siobhan, thank you! Do you work at Serif? x

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