Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Love My Dress Soiree

So I can now officially say I have painted in the Baltic Art Gallery in Newcastle!

Yesterday was road trip day, Scarlett Daggers and yours truly set off for Newcastle for the Love My Dress Soiree (the first event of it's kind) at just after 1pm on an overly hot and sticky summers afternoon!  Armed with easels, paintbrushes and a very glittery and feathery burlesque costume, we stormed up the motorway in Scarletts' ever faithful Yaris!

A quick stop for refreshments and a stretch of legs and we were soon passing by the Angel of the North and cursing the sat nav for putting us in the wrong lanes etc.

As you may already know Annabel of is a long-term client of mine, who is largely responsible for introducing me to the wedding community/'scene'.  Her blog is a treasure trove of vintage wedding inspiration, from real weddings to inspiring vendors and she even featured my wedding last year!  I've worked to develop the look of her blog, designing illustrative content for her banners and buttons, editorial illustrations for special events and anything else that crops up along the way! Annabel is a pleasure to work with and so full of passion and enthusiasm that how could I turn down her invitation to Newcastle for the first even LoveMyDress networking event..and finally a chance to meet the lady herself, in person!!

As promised I did a bit of live painting on the night, with paintbrush in hand and Scarlett in a very feather costume, acting as model & muse, I created a little bit of saucy burlesque art for all to see! (It didnt quite get finished due to it getting very dark and disco-ball blindness which makes painting quite hard!)

It was a lovely treat to meet some wonderful people, including some past clients who I had never met face to face, including Louse O'Mahoney of Oh My Honey who is a nice in person as she is via email (haha!)
Me and Louise 'Oh My Honey'

We were also treated to two performances by Vicky Butterfly, who it's safe to say is one of my all time favourite burlesque performers.
Vicky Butterflys Swan Bride Routine

So after lots of painting, lots of chatting, lots of admiring glamorous dresses, eating lots of canapes and bright blue cake pops and musical appreciation of the live jazz band and the DJ playing old 78s on Gramaphones, it was time to go home!  Suffice to say it's not a good idea to buy Haribo from a dodgy Londis service station on the outskirts on Yorkshire at 2am.

Big thank you to Annabel for organising such a wonderful and fun industry event, we had such a great time and wish we could've stayed a little longer. So when is the next one?.... ;o)

x Charlotte


Michelle ~ Pocketful of Dreams said...

Loving reliving the night through others stories, was fab to meet you, your work is amazing even under poor lighting conditions. I so hope my friend commissions a piece from you x

Simon Partridge said...

Looks like it was quite a night, Charlotte! Great photos and, of course, a splendid painting.

Luna Photography said...

Awww my hometown! Glad to see you got the angel of the north in there ;) x

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