Monday, August 29, 2011

My Muses - Fabulous Fran

Since my blog updates have been a little dry of late I thought it was about time to add something a little more tantalising to the blog and do some back tracking to show off some bits and pieces of work that haven't quite made it onto the website yet.

Fran came to me asking for a recreation of a specific boudoir photo she had taken of her, she wanted a black and white, bold, line-art style that would transfer well to a tattoo design. So her wish was my command!

Here is the original photo of Fran by Tip Top Photography

Here is the sketch - sketched in pencil and then inked loosely so Fran could see how the dark, bold lines would look in the final piece.
This is the final polished ink drawing, Fran wanted just outlines, no shading so I created it all in black ink using a pentel pocket brush pen and waterproof fine liners.

In her own words:-
"Working with Charlotte has been an absolute pleasure!
Having seen her previous work, I was really excited when she accepted my design request. Her professional and friendly attitude made me feel very special and totally confident that she would do a great job - Charlotte's work did not disappoint!

The artwork is amazing and it was lovely to have the opportunity to have an input into the design (not that it needed any amendments). Not only was the artwork brilliant! But I was really impressed with the turn around time from my initial email to receiving the design.

Overall it has been a wonderful experience working with Charlotte and I would recommend her to everyone in a heart beat x"

Thank you Fran!
x Charlotte

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Old Fashioned Susie said...

Oh lovely! You make it look and sound so easy!! X

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