Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Art on Skin

Over the years I've done quite a few tattoo designs, and have had a few clients surprise me by immortalizing logos or portraits as tattoos! Here are just a few!
I'm afraid I don't know all of the tattoo artists names sadly, I strongly believe in credit where credits due for tattoo artists so I apologise that I've had to post most of these without credits.

For sultry songstress Coco Malone

For animal loving Stephanie

(Queen Bee by Skullduggery Tatu)
Two tattoos on the same lovely fella! Richard immortalised my pin up of his fabulous hubby Myles Away in ink and then flattered me again by having his salon logo pin up girl design tattooed aswell! If you're ever in Ireland and need a new do check out Richards salon the B-Hive
Huge thanks to the people and the tattoo artists who have put my art onto skin! I know I have more tattoo photos lurking somewhere so I'm going to have a dig around to see if I can find more over the next few weeks, watch this space!

x Charlotte

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