Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Art...on CAKE!

First he tattooed it to himself and now hes gone and PUT IT ON  A CAKE! Some clients you can't help buy have a real fondness for and Richard is one of those clients, I'm always thrilled when a little email from him lands in my inbox. Richard runs the B Hive hair salon in Dromore and after doing a rather fun portrait of him creating an extremely over the top up-do, Richard asked me to create a logo pin up girl for his salon.

It came as a wonderful surprise to later see the pin up had been imortalised in tattoists ink on Richards arm, and today it has put a huge smile on my face to see the logo adorning a rather tasty looking birthday cake, kudos to the person who created this beauty! HUGE Congratulations to Richard on the success of his business, I hope it continues to go from strength to strength!   

( PS...hoping to receive my slice of cake in the post soon?!)   ;o)

x Charlotte

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