Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Muses - The Rebel Rebels

Hello all, 'My Muses' is a new feature on my website/blog which i hope will become a regular occurrence. 'My Muses' are the wonderful people who have commissioned artwork or featured in artwork over the last 5 years, here they get to have their say and I get to show off the beautiful artwork I couldn't have created without them!

My first Muse, or rather Muses, are the Rebel Rebels, a burlesque troupe from London. Lolly Pops got in touch with me last year to create character illustrations for each of troupe members, what a task when each member has such a unique style and personality! The result was something we are both very proud of and the Rebel Rebels continue to go from strength to strength. Here is what Miss Lolly Pops had to say on the subject!

Miss Lolly Pops

As my day job doesn't provide the creative outlet I need, I often look to hobbies and evening classes to have my fun. Once such evening class was course in burlesque and, before long, I had created a cute alter ego and made a lot of new friends. We organised a photoshoot so that our newly formed burlesque characters had an audience and pretty soon The Rebel Rebels had been formed and were planning their first show. What stared out as a simple case of "well, if we only do it once", swiftly turned into an ongoing thing.

Without even trying, the five of us had created very distinctly different burlesque characters. Betsy Bliss is the houseproud housewife, Honey Schnapps is the girl your parents warned you about,Little Miss Naughty can get away with anything when she flashes her smile, Miss Lolly Pops is sweet as can be, and More More Kensington is the group's sultry siren. With a rebellious bunch like that, there's always something for everyone. Our shows are far more Carry On than Showgirls, but that's fine as our audiences love having fun... almost as much as we do!

I first discovered Charlotte's work on the website of Sakura Designs where I was browsing for one of my many hats. The artwork that she had created for Emma Duggan was beautiful and perfectly captures the stylish and lovingly made headwear that Sakura produces. I really wanted to commission some artwork myself at that point but didn't really have a reason to do so,
until The Rebel Rebels required a 'brand identity' to use on promotional materials in 2009.

Charlotte was very patient when discussing our requirements (which must have been tricky when I had to wait for decisions from four other people when approving things!), and provided us with a beautiful piece of artwork in time for our first group show. She was worth every penny too as we've lost count of the number of compliments we've received about our website and business cards which feature her work.

The Rebel Rebels fabulous website can be seen at www.TheRebelRebels.co.uk
A huge thank you for being the first 'Muses' to feature on the website/blog!

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