Monday, November 21, 2011

Artwork from Childhood

Last week my mum gave me a huge box of my old drawings and school books, I picked out a few gems to share!

some of my first ever drawings, from 1987, I was born in '85. 

 One of my first forays into painting, a princess with a bouquet of flowers no less!

 From a school project on the Tudors from primary school, this is Henry the 8ths pet monkey ripping up his library I believe. My spelling still leaves something to be desired.
A proud moment, a story I wrote in Secondary school about a crew of a space-ship with Anna the fierce leader, Tod Hunter (reference to Red Dwarf there!) the dumb but cute space squaddie, the tough guy and the guy who always gets space sick whose names I've forgotten. I'm still rather fond of these guys!

Another proud moment, my design for a Simpsons magazine cover (a competition entry) which was printed in the magazine, I didn't win but it's taking part that counts.
And since it's the season, here's a page from a book I wrote in primary school about the nativity! 

x Charlotte

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